Process and Sourcing Methodologies

MSK client and internal MSK briefing

MSK produce assignment brief and present to The Company for approval.  This document contains descriptions of the roles and confirms MSK understands your business and its needs.  It also incorporates a candidate-briefing document, which is forwarded to any suitable, long listed candidate prior to MSK or client interview.  This is an effective marketing tool, and keeps strong candidates engaged and well informed about your business and about the opportunity.

  • MSK internal researchers briefed.  Research commences
  • MSK are committed to actively support the campaign to increase the pipeline of women in Senior positions,  
  • MSK produce, place and manage web based advertising on Executive job boards and specialising forums.
  • MSK manage all response and screening
  • Preliminary telephone screening commences
  • Long listed candidates are face to face interviewed by MSK, or formally telephone interviewed, depending on nature of assignment
  • All consultant comments on short listed candidates are captured and recorded and attachment to resumes
  • Short listed candidates can be presented as they emerge or as a part of a 'complete short list' on a specified date if required.  MSK recommends that good candidates are presented and responded to immediately to avoid protracted lead times between initial MSK contact and client engagement
  • Client interviews
  • MSK / client reviews progress and candidate quality on bi-weekly or weekly calls
  • MSK manage subsequent client interview arrangements, and manage expectations of candidates, ensuring that all are fully briefed and prepared for 2nd interviews
  • MSK manage verbal offer process and maintain the interest of strong candidates until contracts / offers are formally accepted
  • MSK continue to manage appointed candidates through to date of commencement, with regular contact and ongoing interaction during lead time up to commencement date    

In terms of sourcing candidates, MSK suggests the adoption of a three-tiered approach to the identification, sourcing and selection of the appropriate candidates.  MSK is also conscious of the fact that education about both your business and its culture is essential. All MSK candidate meetings and interviews are carried out on locations deemed nearest for the majority of candidates.


1. Headhunting/Search.   Traditional headhunting, undertaken by MSK via its own network of contacts.  All MSK consultants have extensive Search backgrounds and pan European exposure to relevant mid to high level Search activity.

2. Research.  The simultaneous deployment of an MSK research consultant to undertake additional identification and lead generation activity on behalf of the client. This research focuses upon the production of new data that resides outside our existing MSK network of contacts. Once identified, the potential candidates will be referred to your MSK account manager for pre-screening and evaluation against the role specification.

3. Web advertising.  MSK will write, produce and place anonymous advertisements on the web on behalf of the company to attract speculative interest.  MSK will then 'sell' the opportunity to all suitable potential candidates and will handle all response professionally on behalf of the company. All MSK short listed candidates will be presented to the company with consultant comments attached to cv/candidate profile and job specific questionnaire.

Cath Strachan Director will project manage the assignment and work with a designated number of senior MSK consultants to deliver your assignment, dependent upon the breadth of the activities that MSK undertake on your behalf.


In relation to the appointment of The candidate we estimate a maximum assignment duration of 6-8 weeks to offer stage,though this may take a little longer during December/ January as holidays come into play. timescales are based on  the company's full co operation

  • MSK will endeavour to begin to present candidates to the company no later than week 3-4 of the search assignment authorisation.

    MSK require from the company
  • Responsiveness to the interest of strong candidates
  • Commitment to meet with interested / interesting candidates within 5-7 days of introduction wherever feasible
  • Responsiveness to MSK e-mails, especially those in relation to strongly recommended candidates and data relating to them
  • An agreed 20-30 minute telephone conversation every 7 working days to review short listed candidates, progress, sourcing strategies and operational issues
  • A list of forthcoming relevant industry / market events / expos that MSK should attend on behalf of the company in order to source
  • Any business cards or contacts that the company may have that they wish to have approached and managed by a third party

Fees and Terms of Business

Having worked for leading Search companies in my career the charges for search & selection was out with the budget of many clients, MSK Search has an internal research resource so we can work on a more acceptable & affordable fee percentage. This in no way dilutes the service, the internal resource only enhances our delivery.

We are happy to work with  clients for a fee of 20% of Basic salaries upto 90k 25% on salaries over 90k payable in 3 stages

The only condition invoices are paid within the 30 days, late payments will incur a 5% charge

Stage 1:  

To be billed upon assignment authorisation, and payable within 30 days.
Based on the estimated Basic salary
A fee of £500 to cover advertising as this will be limited to a small number

Stage 2:  

To be billed upon presentation of shortlist, and payable within 30 days:

Stage 3:

To be billed upon offer acceptance, and payable within 30 days.
Balance of fee due (20/25%)
Variable and dependent on Basic Salary offered, less retainer and interim
Total fee: 20/25%+VAT
All further appointments within this search will be billed at 18% + VAT

Client will be asked for approval prior to expenses being incurred. All will be charged back to the company