Addressing Diversity

MSK Search offers a solution to address unconscious bias in recruitment.


A new approach


Utilise our expertise to combine your advertised responses, internal and external applications and ensure that they are measured by the same fair process.

A recruitment process that stands up to scrutiny and audit, minimising unconscious bias by the removal of all references to Gender, Age, Nationality or Universities attended etc. and maximising your integrity.

A managed, job specific questionnaire process can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


So how does it work?


  • After consultation, MSK Search create an unique, job specific questionnaire which is branded as required, and coded to an online form.  This ensures the prospective candidate answers every question and the form can be completed from any internet connected device.

  • Start and end dates for your campaign are agreed

  • A weblink is provided to you or directly to candidate dependent on who is managing invitations

  • When received from the candidate the questionnaire is anonymised, allocated an unique reference number and stored.

  • After the agreed close date completed questionnaires are forwarded to you.

  • If a CV is required this would similarly anonymised and attached to questionnaire.

  • If a diversity survey is required this would be provided to all candidates on initial contact and retained until the end of the project when anonymous responses and a covering report would be sent to you.

What next?

MSK Search can provide a full service: i.e. create questionnaire, diversity survey, handle responses and reports or you could just opt for a partial service and to suit your needs.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.


Click Here to download a 2-page document about this service